Only Available in Guelph, ON

Smoked Split Pea & Cream of Mushroom


After taking a break for a week, Souper is back with some exciting soups.

Smoked Split Pea is a great take on a classic soup. We’ve added smoked ham hock to give our soup a unique flavour, yet it still tastes fresh with herbal notes of bay leaf and thyme. It’s perfect for those in-between days where you aren’t quite sure if it’s spring yet. Try making our Easy Artisan Loaf and eat this soup with some fresh bread for a delicious meal.

Cream of Mushroom is our vegetarian option this week. This soup is simply delightful! The whole milk and cream give it a nice texture while the mix of mushrooms we’ve added is sure to please any mushroom lover. Eat this soup alone, or get creative and use it as a creamy sauce over chicken.

Both of these soups will be delivered on Monday, February 27th. Get your orders in now!