Only Available in Guelph, ON

Sweet Potato & Clam Chowder


Souper’s vegan offering this week is Sweet Potato soup. This soup has been carefully crafted to balance sweetness with an herbaceous flavor. It’s a great blend of sweet and a little bit of spice from added chili. And, as with all of our soups, the texture is simply beautiful. Enjoy this soup on its own, or as a companion during a larger meal. We’re sure you’ll find it delightful.

Satisfy a bunch of cravings at once this week with our Clam Chowder. Everything about this soup is indulgent. It’s thick with milk and cream, as well as having meaty flavour from both clams and bacon. But no worries, it’s not too rich. The added white wine cuts through everything just perfectly. One jar of this is sure to go a long way. We recommend enjoying it with even more bacon on top, and a full-bodied white wine such as an oaked chardonnay.

Souper Clam Chowder Bowl.jpg

Both the Sweet Potato and the Clam Chowder will be going out for delivery on March 13th. Order yours now!