Only Available in Guelph, ON

Beet and Beef Noodle!


This week, Souper is once again pairing an old favourite with something new!

Remember the velvety, smooth Beet Soup from the fall? This vibrant soup is back again for the winter. This soup is completely vegan, with the creaminess coming from coconut milk. It tastes as beautiful as it looks! This beet soup is great on its own or as a bright appetizer before your meal.

Also available this week is an entirely new soup. Vietnamese Beef Noodle is a hearty, dairy free, soup based on a traditional recipe from Allan’s family. It has a nice, meaty flavor that is just the tiniest bit sweet and packed with umami. We recommend serving it with some fresh herbs on top, like cilantro, or even some chopped green onion (although it’s delicious without these too). This soup makes for a delicious meal on its own. In fact, it’s so filling, you can get four bowls out of one jar.

Both these soups will be heading out for delivery on Monday, February 6th. Order now if you haven't done so already!