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New Year, New Soup!


Souper is excited to be back in action in 2017! Some old favourites, like our delicious Gumbo, are making a comeback. As well, we have plenty of new soups for you to enjoy! Get your first order of the New Year in before January 8th to receive soup on January 9th.

What’s New?

There are so many new soups on offer this winter. Each week, you’ll now have a choice between two kinds of soup! Buy one, or buy both – the choice is yours.

New Soup Calendar

  • Jan 9th – French Onion and Turkey Noodle
  • Jan 16th – Squash and Viet Curry
  • Jan 30th – Vegetarian Chilli and Beef Chilli
  • Feb 6th – Beets and Viet Beef Noodle
  • Feb 13th – Bacon White Bean and Broccoli
  • Feb 27th – Smoked Split Pea and Cream of Mushroom
  • Mar 6th – Spicy Sausage & Lentil and Dahl
  • Mar 13th – Sweet Potato and Clam Chowder
  • Mar 27th – Miso and Gumbo
  • Apr 3rd – Chana Masala and Black Bone Tea


Souper is also excited to announce a new way to purchase your favourite soups. Stay cozy this winter by buying a bundle pack of soup! Bundle packs offer a way to order a number of soups at one time while saving money. When you order a bundle pack, your soups will still be delivered on the date as advertised. Think of it almost like a subscription service. The Vegan, Vegetarian, and No Dairy packs make it easy for those of you with dietary restrictions. The Souper pack is for all you soup fiends out there – order all of our winter soups in one click! Check out the new bundle packs available here.


As you may have noticed, Souper will keep you updated through our weekly blog posts. Here, we’ll include news updates, spotlights on some of our soups, and even suggested meal or side pairings to go with your soup. 

With all these changes, Souper is looking forward to 2017, and we hope you are too!